Respite is a service that provides temporary relief from care giving to a child’s primary caregiver during the times when they would normally provide care. This means that respite nursing or attendant care can be provided at any time that a parent/caregiver is not working or in school and during a time in which the child is not in daycare or school. Respite caregivers cannot work in conjunction with providers of other services. Respite is intended to provide relief to caregivers so they may do things that they may not be able to do otherwise, for example; grocery shopping, caring for other children, taking a nap, or going on a date.

Children who are eligible to use our respite care services include those who are:

Chronically ill 
Developmentally disabled 
Dependent on much equipment or technology 
Require many skilled treatments

Personal time 

Illness or injury of the regular care provider 

Business outside of the city


 The special times when you might consider using our services include:


  Who can benefit from respite care?


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